My business SEAPORT VESSELS is to research, design, build, retrofit, or restore primarily large historic, traditionally built wooden sailing vessels and their rigs.


I provide services from research and design to the finished hull and rigging. Services include: preliminary research and design, construction drawings/specifications, estimates, site development, procurement, hull construction, rigging and fitting out.

All Seaport Vessels projects are period vessels and involve all aspects of large heavy timbered traditional wooden ship construction from logging trees, sawing lumber, fashioning frames, planks and timbers to bending on sails.

We use traditional materials and building techniques. I am knowledgeable in the historic periods of the ships I work on and our restoration and vessel construction is carried out to museum standards.

Vessels on the National Register of Historic Places are restored to meet the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Vessel Preservation Projects.

I assemble highly experienced ship building and rigging crews specifically for each job. Crews are specialists in every aspect of shipbuilding from traditional sawn frame, heavy displacement ship construction to finish work. I also have at my disposal historians, naval architects, shipwrights, blacksmiths,figurehead carvers, engineers, marine surveyors, captains and crew. Our shipwrights are often licensed captains and seasoned crew.


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