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A master shipwright, consultant and technical advisor to several historic vessels, replicas and maritime museums, Mr. Poindexter’s business is to research, design, build, retrofit, or restore primarily large historic, traditionally built wooden sailing vessels and their rigs.  Many of Seaport Vessels’ clients’ ships are on the National Register of Historic Places.  For over 35 years Mr. Poindexter has been doing shipwright and traditional rigging work for historic heavy displacement sailing vessels. For many years he worked in shipyards on the East coast as an independent contractor doing hull repairs, refitting, restoration, rebuilding and rigging work for several large schooners including the ERNESTINA, the WESTERN UNION, the ADVENTURE, the SPIRIT OF MASSACHUSETTS, the ROSEWAY, the HARVEY GAMAGE, the LETTIE G. HOWARD, the PILOT, the A.J. MEERWALD and the square-rigged “tall ships” KALMAR NYCKEL, and H.M.S. ROSE. Also Mr. Poindexter participated in restoration work on the gun deck of the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION.SEAPORT VESSELS provides a range of services for restoration and new vessel construction from research and design to the finished hull and rigging. Services include: construction drawings, specifications, estimates, site development, materials procurement, hull construction, spar making, masting, rigging and fitting out. SEAPORT VESSELS projects are period vessels and involve all aspects of large heavy timbered traditional wooden ship construction from logging trees, sawing lumber, fashioning frames, planks and timbers to traditional rigging and bending on sails. Mr. Poindexter is very knowledgeable in the historic periods of the ships on which he works and assures that restoration and vessel construction is carried out to museum standards. Vessels listed on the National Register of Historic Places are restored to meet the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Historic Vessel Preservation Projects.
SEAPORT VESSELS assembles highly experienced shipbuilding and rigging crews specifically for each job. Our crews are experts in every aspect of traditional sawn frame, heavy displacement ship construction. We also have at our disposal historians, naval architects, shipwrights, riggers, blacksmiths, figurehead carvers, engineers, marine surveyors, captains and crews.

For more detail please see:    http://atlantic-cable.com/CableCos/WesternUnion/

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